Supplying Fabric

Fabric Punch can store your preferred polyester based fabrics. We understand the value of moving quickly and using your own fabrics which is why we offer this service to high volume customers. 


  • Fabric must be polyester based
  • The customer is responsible for shipping both ways


When a package arrives it will be labelled with your business name and stored ready for use when you order.


The customer acknowledges that Fabric Punch takes a best-effort approach to protect the customer’s investment in fabric, but some amount of fabric will be consumed (approx 5%) as space required to attach to rollers, corrections during the heat press feed process, etc.


In the event that too much fabric was used, or that the print on that fabric type was not satisfactory, we will provide a replacement for lost yardage at your suppliers cost or for an equal fabric from our supplier, not to exceed 95% of the cost of fabric.

The customer agrees not to store more than 200 yards of fabric (unless specific authorization has been obtained from Fabric Punch. The customer agrees not to keep the fabric at our warehouse for more than eight weeks. The storage quantity can be replenished as it is used, but the goal is to print, not static storage.
If no active printing within 8 weeks, the customer will be notified and can arrange for shipping the remaining fabric elsewhere, or else fabric Punch will reallocate, recycle, or discard the fabric at its discretion, if the customer does not arrange for shipping the fabric off Fabric Punch premises.